Why I write.

Kanza Riaz
1 min readMar 18, 2021
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I write because ‘You’ exist.

If I were the only person in the world. ‘I’ would not exist.

‘I’ would not need a definition.

For an ‘I’ to exist there needs to be a ‘You’.

When there’s a ‘You’ and when there’s an ‘I’ — there is communication.

I write to express;

I write to fulfil a need which the existence of ‘You’ necessitated.

I write to be heard.

I write because I exist.

I write to hear myself think.

I like listening to clear ideas. I do not think clearly. My thoughts are always tangled.

I write to untangle.

Clarity of thought comes from forming connections between different ideas. Our brains cannot retain multiple ideas at the same time.

I write to see what I’m thinking;

To connect. To edit. To reiterate. To rethink.

To make sense of the chaos.

I write for silence.

I write for peace;

Until the next wave arrives.



Kanza Riaz

Trying to get the hang of life, one day at a time ~Meri saadagi dekh, mein kya chahta hun :’) — Twitter: @RiazKanza